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How Much Does Landscaping Cost in Winnipeg?

What does landscaping cost in winnipeg?
A basic, small backyard project such as this one might cost you around $10 - 15k

One of the first things to consider when planning your next landscaping project is, how much does the landscaping project cost so we can allocate a budget?

We’ll go over some costs based on our Winnipeg, Manitoba economy as well as what to look for when looking at costs.

A search through our blog will give you more pricing information such as hardscaping, lighting, etc. Please note, each project has its own unique set of circumstances and these prices are very general based on projects completed in our area, we complete projects properly with no skipped steps or cutting back material quality to save a few dollars.

Landscaping is a broad term, typically project costs start around $10,000 and can go well over $100,000 depending on features and yard size. This may seem like more than you planned for, one great thing about landscaping is we can complete projects in stages, spreading the project out over months or years. We also offer financing options to help build your dream yard quicker.

Small Project General Landscaping Pricing

The landscaping field has many different services, as such, this post will cover basic garden bed, plant, tree and sod installation. For hardscaping, deck, fence pricing, etc. you'll find better information on one of our other pricing posts. (links at the bottom of this post)

Small Projects / Garden Beds

Includes a single small garden bed with multiple plants/shrubs, mulch with weed barrier, commercial plastic edging and general clean up - $2-4k+

Small to Medium Garden Beds

Includes multiple small beds or a single larger bed with a mixture of small and large shrubs, perennials, mulch or rock with weed barrier, commercial edging, and general clean up - $4-8k+

Small Yard With Simple Garden

Includes 2 trees (shade tree and decorative tree) a variety of shrubs and perennials, soil, mulch and maybe some sod work (does not include hardscaping, decks, fences, etc) - $9-12k+

Medium Sized Yard Landscaping

Includes several trees, a mixture of evergreens, a variety of shrubs and perennials, soil, mulch and some sod work (does not include hardscaping, decks, fences, etc.) - $12-26k+

Large Yard Landscaping

Includes extensive gardens with multiple trees and evergreens. Includes a large variety of shrubs and perennials with soil, mulch and sod (does not include hardscaping, decks, fences, etc.) - 20-50k+

Sod and Soil Installation

Prices vary greatly. For new yards with a fresh start, adding soil and sod will typically be around $4-8k for small yards, $7-12k for medium sized yards and $10-15k+ for larger yards. A general price per square foot for installing sod in a new yard is in the $3 - 5 per ft² range. This includes the addition of adding soil to bring the yard to grade.