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How Much Does An Irrigation Sprinkler System Cost in Winnipeg?

How must does an irrigation sprinkler system cost

Irrigation systems are a great way to keep your yard looking amazing while keeping your chore time down. They can also save you some money on water bills and yard care bills.

What are the costs associated with an irrigation system? We'll go over what you can expect to pay for a typical system and look at what upkeep costs as well.

Installation Costs

Installation costs vary from yard to yard. Things such as lawn size, garden bed size, curves, obstructions, etc. will change the cost of installation. Pricing will change depending on where you live as well, labour and material rates can vary from place to place.

In Canada and upper US states, polyethylene pipes are used. These pipes expand and contract with the temperatures. In the lower US states, PVC is standard as the expansion characteristics aren't required.

There are also a wide variety of products available with different costs based on their quality. The materials chosen will affect this cost as well.

We use Hunter controllers with Rainbird zone systems to ensure a high quality system every time. We accommodate different product requests as long as the quality is still there.

The following pricing is based on Manitoba Canada pricing and should only be used as a general guideline of what you may expect to pay.

Small Yards

Small yards with a basic fully functioning system and proper water pressure will be in the $3k to $5k range. This system will be about 2 - 5 zones.

Average Sized Yard

An average size yard with a fully functioning system and proper water pressure will be in the $4.5 - $8k range. This system would be about 5 - 12 zones.

Large Yard

A large size city yard with a fully functioning system and proper water pressure will be in the $8 - $15k range. This system would be about 10 - 20 zones. This price range is wider because there are many other factors at play for a larger system including a larger controller with more modules, larger pipe diameter, larger commercial grade heads that throw water and a completely upgraded system.


An small acreage yard with a fully functioning system with proper water pressure will be in the $15 - 30k+ range. This system would be about 20+ zones. Acreages require a larger system with large diameter pipe to move water. Depending on the size and obstacles, this price can run over $30k for large systems.


Add-ons can add to this number as well such as Wi-Fi modules to control your system via an app, rain / freeze sensors to shut off the system when rain falls and flow meters to monitor water output.

Wi-Fi Modules range from $150 - $350

Rain Freeze Sensors range from $160 - $380

Water flow meters range from $300 to $1k

Irrigation Sprinkler Price

Yearly Costs

The primary yearly service you'll want to have completed is the fall blow out. This needs to be completed each fall so the ice doesn't freeze in the pipes and expand, leading to issues and system damage.

The other service you'll want to consider is the spring start up where the system is started back up for the first time of each spring season, this is when heads are adjusted as needed and the system is inspected.

Spring Start Ups start around $103 and go up for larger systems

Fall Blow Outs start around $92 and go up for larger systems

Failure to maintain your irrigation system can lead to repairs.

Is it Worth the Cost?

Absolutely, although it may not always save you a bunch of money, it's definitely worth installing an irrigation system, click HERE to learn why.

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