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Winnipeg Project Pricing Calculator

Have a deck, fence or water feature project in mind? Don't know what it costs? Find out here

Please Note, these prices are estimates only to give you a better idea of approximate pricing. Once you build your dream feature in this planner, simply contact us to move forward. You will not check out or pay here.

How to Use the Planner: On the left hand side, (Top for mobile) you'll find a variety of yard feature option categories, simply click on each of them to bring up a selection of options. Click on your desired features and click add to cart. In the cart you'll find the pricing of each item and underneath you'll find the subtotal. This will be the approximate cost of your project. Please note this cost is a very rough estimate and will change depending on desired options and materials, etc.

How Do We Calculate Our Pricing?

We Offer Financing!!

We offer financing options for projects of all sizes. With up to $60k readily available when needed.

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