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How Do We Price Our Landscaping Projects?

Unsure or how we price our projects? Each project comes with it's own unique set of obstacles and scenarios. Our pricing comes down to a few basic principles that allow us to give you the best possible product that you will continue to enjoy for the years to come.

Built for Lifetime Use and Durability - Built to Last the Test of Time

There are so many ways a contractor can cut corners to save a few dollars, often times these small corners reduce the quality and durability of the project, leading to major product failures costing you thousands of dollars on top of the money you already paid the first time. Throughout our years in business, we've seen unbelievable ways other contractors have cut corners. The respectable business' don't do business this way, as such, we reject any project or method that does not meet our high standards and does not have the budget to ensure you're left with the highest possible quality product. We ensure every effort is taken to give you a product that will last the test of time.

National Industry Standard Price Point - Priced to Last While Providing Excellent Service

We ensure the prices we charge line up with the national standard in respect to the quality of products and services we offer as well as the experience, training, qualifications and certifications we provide for long lasting durability.

We'll Save You an Expensive Problem - Avoid Expensive Mistakes with Other Contractors

We come across this issue each week, it's a very unfortunate side to the industry. Homeowners spend their budget and hire a company to complete a project where the contractor lacks experience and know-how or cuts important steps to save some money, leaving you with time and money lost with a sense of being taken advantage of. Save yourself the headache and added cost to remove the project and re-do it properly a second time. 

Education & Training - In Depth Continuous Training for All Our Staff

Education and training is an important step to every company. If not done properly, it can lead to a lack of proper engineering specifications and failed projects. We make every effort to continuously educate and train our staff through means of in-house continued training and 3rd party training, methods and certifications that have been around for decades and even centuries. 

Know What You're Paying For - Know the Signs of Contractors to Avoid

If you receive a quote where the price is outside of the price range our estimator provides; unless the scope of work is different, it should raise some red flags. Some questions should be investigated. What steps were skipped? Are the proper steps being followed, is the proper quality or product being used? Are they overcharging? Is it technical or artistic details that changed the price? For your own peace of mind, ensure the contractor you're working with has the proper knowledge and accreditation to install a project that will last you the years to come.

Trust us to build your project that won't fail


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