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The Benefits of Having an Irrigation Sprinkler System

Are Irrigation Systems Really Worth It?

With our hot and dry summers, watering a lawn can be a chore. One that we dread doing because it takes time to set up, unreel the hose, drag it across the lawn and then move it around every 15 minutes for hours on end. Lets face it, watering our lawn is the last thing we want to do on a weekend.

But it doesn't need to be this way! Install an irrigation system!

Here are the benefits of having an irrigation system beyond the reduced labour to our busy schedules.

1. It's Automated

The dreaded task of pulling out the garden hose to water the lawn, it's exhausting! To add insult to injury, the cheap nozzles and old school sprinklers sold these days break from just pulling the hose out.

Those days of dragging the house out from the shed are over. Avoid the frustration and time consuming aspects of watering the old way. Irrigation systems save you precious time!

2. Helps Keep a Healthy Lawn & Garden Beds

We all want that nice, healthy looking lawn; there's always at least one neighbor on the street who gives us lawn envy. We often think to ourselves, next year I'm going to take care of my lawn so Bob the Lawn Neighbor will envy me for once. The next year comes and we're too busy, our neglected lawn is the last thing we want to take care of.

Adding an irrigation system will help keep your lawn and plants healthy by giving them a regular dose of water. Regular watering will lead to less bald spots, it will also help reduce fungi and plant diseases.

3. Less Weeds

Weeds look bad, kill the lawn and frustrate everyone on the block as the wind spreads the seeds across the block. An irrigation system will help keep a thick lawn so weeds get choked to the point they wont grow. Installing an irrigation system will save you time and money from having the weeds removed and improve the look of your lawn by reducing weeds.

Irrigation Systems Prevent Weeds - Winnipeg

4. Increase Home Value

The added ease for the new home owner and the added curb appeal from the nice, healthy lawn and plants will increase the value of your home. It is also a great selling feature, the buyer will look forward to the reduced maintenance.

5. Maintain Soil Conditions

If you over water your lawn, excess water will result in runoff, which carries away valuable nutrients your lawn craves. With less nutrients, you lawn and plants will suffer. Overwatering can also compact the soil around plant roots, which can suffocate plant roots, leading to disease. A well calibrated irrigation system will only water what you tell it to, when you tell it to, how often and for how long.