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Irrigation Sprinkler System Installation Winnipeg

Irrigation Sprinkler System Installation & Services Winnipeg

We offer a variety of irrigation sprinkler system services including installation, maintenance & repair, spring set up and fall blow outs. Winnipeg's In-Ground Irrigation Sprinkler Specialists!

Our Services Offer:

✔ Hassle Free Services

✔ We Guarantee Our Work

✔ Using High Quality Products

✔ Add Value To Your Property

✔ You'll Save Time & Money

Best of all, no more setting out the sprinkler hose & you'll have an amazing looking lawn!

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Winnipeg Sprinkler System Installation

Our 2023 System Maintenance Packages Include

Spring Startup, Summer Heat & Fall Blow Out

Includes the Prime Package, Plus we come out mid summer when it gets hot. Seasonal changes require different watering conditions, we change the system back to help your lawn in the summer.

1-6 Zones - $282+gst

7-9 Zones - $320+gst

10-14 Zones - $364+gst

Prime Plus Package

3 Visits

Most Popular!

Spring Startup &

Fall Blow Out

We visit for the two main requirements to keep your system working properly

1-6 Zones - $185+gst

7-9 Zones - $238+gst

10-14 Zones - $289+gst

Prime Package

2 Visits

Spring Startup, Summer Heat,

Fall Adjustments & Fall Blow Out

The ultimate customization package. You get the Prime Plus Package and we visit early fall to inspect the system and 

accommodate the cooler weather changes

1-6 Zones - $376+gst

7-9 Zones - $414+gst

10-14 Zones - $458+gst

Ultimate Package

4 Visits

Irrigation Spring Start Up Winnipeg
System Installation

Irrigation Installation

Irrigation is a great way to have an amazing lawn and healthy plants. Through a properly constructed and designed system, we can regulate water cycles, including length of watering, areas being watered and times and days to water. These choices and settings allow us to create a system that will free up your time and allow for a healthy yard. Irrigation systems also increase the value of your home and save money on ineffective watering. 

Irrigation System Components


Regular System

Controller - A wall mounted unit that controls the irrigation system by programed controls. This allows you to have complete control over your system without any effort, at the touch of a few buttons

Valves - These units control each zone, they receive a signal from the controller telling them when to turn the sprinklers on or off

Pipes and connectors - These run from the water supply at your home to the valves, then from the valves to each sprinkler head

Heads - These units take in water and spray it onto the lawn or plants, they are typically customizable to change patterns and distance.

Spray Heads - These heads are typically used for small areas and are very efficient, typically only requiring watering a lawn for 8 or less minutes a few times each week.

Rotor Heads - These are the types of heads you would typically see on golf courses or in larger areas. They water areas slowly therefor requiring longer run times.

Drip Irrigation

All components are typically the same as a regular system and can tie into the same system you use for watering a lawn. There is one exception. There are no heads, instead we install the following:

Micro Bubblers - Used in beds which consist of annuals, trees and food gardens or box gardens. They are essentially a mini sprinkler head and water quickly, they cover an area instead of a specific plant.

Drip Emitters - The most efficient method to water plants, shrubs and trees. Each plant receives its own drip emitter. These are pointed towards the root ball. Flow rates are typically .5gph, 1gph and 2gph

Drip Tubing - The most common drip system, it consists of in line emitters placed around the plant. Flow rates are typically  .4gph, .6gph and .9gph

What is an "Irrigation Zone"?

An irrigation zone is the combination of a valve, pipe and heads or drip system. Each valve controls an irrigation zone. There should only be one type of head or drip type on each zone however each zone may control multiple heads. 

Why Install Irrigation?

You have complete control

You control the time you want it to water your lawn and how much water goes down. While others are waking up and tripping over their hoses, you can sleep in and wake up to a freshly watered lawn.

Less Maintenance

Set it and forget it! Lawns don't have to be a lot of work. Cutting that time down will allow you to spend more time on things important to you.

Help The Environment

Customize your water coverage so it only waters your lawn and not your cement driveway. Conserve water in the mean time by applying as little water as possible only to your lawn, putting money back in your pocket on your water bills.

Great For Business'

If you own a business, image is everything. Your lawn is one of the first things people see when visiting. Keeping a healthy lawn shown customers that you're able to keep a neat business. Automating lawn watering helps keep costs and maintenance low. Best of all you can set it to go on at night when its most effective, you aren't there and when customers wont be bothered.

Prevent Weeds and Have a Lush Healthy Lawn

With the new weed pesticide laws its harder to get rid of weeds in your lawn. A thick lawn is one of the best ways to suffocate them and leave your lawn looking great, healthy and a lush green colour.

Increase The Value of Your Home

Adding Irrigation to your yard is an investment that adds time, effort and money back into your pocket. When its time to sell, your yard will add extra value to your home and is a great selling feature.

Not Just For Yards

Irrigation doesn't have to be just for lawns, its a great system for gardens, agriculture or topping off ponds. If you're a business owner in agriculture or farming, you know how important efficiency is, adding irrigation to your plan can be a great approach to cut costs and allow more time spent on other things.

Consistency Is Key

Consistent regular watering is the best way to have a healthy lawn or plants, keep everything healthy and happy with consistent proper coverage.

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Rain Bird Irrigation Product Installation Winnipeg
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Spring Irrigation Startup

A proper start-up consists of more than simply turning on the controller. We ensure the system is running properly and timing is efficient. We strive to ensure your system is running at it's best while not overwater or underwatering your property. Our spring start up will make sure you get the most of your system.

Start-up Service:

Up to 6 Zones - $109

7 - 9 Zones - $147

10 - 14 Zones - $189

15+ Zones - Contact us for pricing

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What does a spring startup involve?

1. System Inspection - Check for leaks, cracks and issues

- Inspect your system

- Perform tests to identify any issues that may have arrived over winter

- Create a plan to correct any issues

- Charge the mainline and check for issues and cracks

- Manually open each valve and complete testing

- Test each zone and head to detect any leaks

2. Timer testing - Ensuring your timers are efficient and working properly

- Set controller timers and watering times

3. Identify concerns and improve system performance

4. Ensure heads are set properly

- Adjust spray patterns

- Ensure heads are working efficiently

- Ensure heads are upright and not shifted

When should I have my startup completed?

Typically our system startups are done in May to June. Each year this date changes as our spring can arrive at different times and we don't want the risk of starting the system too early. Also we should not complete this while snow is still thawing as it risks overwatering your yard. If you're on one of our yearly programs, we'll contact you in April to set up a time and confirm you're requiring a startup.

Why should we have Nuterro Solutions complete our startup?

We ensure your system is running at peak performance and efficiency while free from leaks or damage. Our services can save you time and money, whether it's saving you water, saving your yard from damage from a leak or saving your system from freezing up, causing damage. Our technicians are trained to inspect and test your system so you can rest assured your system is functioning as it should.

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Spring Startup
Fall Blowout / Shutdown
Fall Winterization
"Fall Blowout"

Once water freezes in pipes and hoses, it expands. This expansion can lead to costly damage to your irrigation system. Winterization is a critical element to ensure your system remains in good functioning condition, it also helps prevent potential damage to your yard in the case of a burst pipe. We use a consistent high pressure compressor to blow out your system and ensure water does not remain, which prevents damage.

Winterization Blowout Service:

Up to 6 Zones - $97

7 - 9 Zones - $116

10 - 14 Zones - $132

15+ Zones - Contact us for pricing

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Why is fall winterization important?

Winterization is a crucial step to ensuring your irrigation system lasts the years to come. When water is left in your system, the water expands, potentially damaging components and pipes leading to system failure and burst pipes or leaks. A proper winterization protects the mainline, control valves, pipes, connections and sprinkler heads. 

Do I need to winterize my irrigation system?

Yes, our winters are extremely cold, so cold in fact that we are required to use special poly pipes in our conditions, in the lower states they use pvc pipe, in our conditions they wouldn't last the season. In most cases, failure to winterize your system will result in voiding any warranty. Failure to winterize your system can also result in expensive repairs, typically $200+ for valves, $165+ for heads and even more for locating and fixing burst pipes and leaks. Imaging a large property with multiple valves and heads damaged, you could be facing thousands of dollars in costs.

Can I winterize my system myself?

You can yes, although it is not advised. We use specialized compressors that offer consistent high pressure to blow out your systems. Using a compressor that doesn't offer adequate consistency will result in improper blow out as well as take you a lot longer to complete the blow out while the compressor refills. Some irrigation companies will void warranty unless it's completed by a professional as well. We'll offer peace of mind knowing your system is blown out properly.

Do you put any products in the lines?

No, we never put any products in the lines, some products will damage the system or your lawn / property and in most cases, void warranty.

How long does winterization take

Typically we spend 3 minutes per zone blowing out the system, plus inspection and prep time. A typical residential system takes between 25 minutes and 1 hour.

When Should I book winterization?

We recommend booking before spring each year to ensure your service is completed at the appropriate time. Booking packages also allows you to take advantage of our discounted rate. Typically our freezing temperatures start in October, we complete our blow outs mid to late September so it's best to book before then so you're not frantically looking for a technician when it's nearly too late and our technicians are booked.

Why Nuterro Solutions for my winterization?

We've taken proven training through Rain Bird irrigation themselves, which allows us to be one of the most proficient irrigation specialists in Manitoba. Our experience and training allows us to offer our services at a great rate while offering you a properly functioning system. Choose us and you'll know your system has been taken care of properly.

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Irrigation Fall Blow Out Shut Down Winnipeg
Irrigation Pricing

2023 Pricing Guide

One Time Services:

Fall Blow Out

1-6 Zones - $97+gst

7-9 Zones - $116+gst

10-14 Zones - $132+gst

15+ Zones - Contact us for pricing

Includes blowing out the entire water circulation system using compressed air from our high powered system. This helps protect the system from our frozen winter months

Spring Startup

1-6 Zones - $109+gst

7-9 Zones - $147+gst

10-14 Zones - $189+gst

15+ Zones - Contact us for pricing

We start up and inspect the system for the year, making any head adjustments necessary


 Prime Package: Spring Startup & Fall Shutdown - 2 Visits

1-6 Zones - $185+gst

7-9 Zones - $238+gst

10-14 Zones - $289+gst

15+ Zones - Contact us for pricing

Prime Plus Package: Spring Startup, Summer Visit & Fall Shutdown - 3 Visits

1-6 Zones - $282+gst

7-9 Zones - $320+gst

10-14 Zones - $364+gst

15+ Zones - Contact us for pricing

Ultimate Package: Spring Startup, Summer Visit, Pre-fall Visit & Fall Shutdown - 4 Visits

1-6 Zones - $376+gst

7-9 Zones - $414+gst

10-14 Zones - $458+gst

15+ Zones - Contact us for pricing

Other Irrigation Services Available Include:

Inspections: If an issue arises for any reason, we can help! We'll come inspect your system and fix any issues you may have encountered. Inspections start at $150+gst

Irrigation Repairs: For any damage and repairs to your system, we offer repair services on a per job basis. Please contact us for a consultation. Head repairs starting at $165+gst


**If an emergency arises, turn off your system and water supply to the system and give us a call

System Installation Pricing

For an estimate on irrigation installation please contact us using the form below.

A complete system typically starts at $3700+

Irrigation Winnipeg - Nuterro Solutions Inc.

We've Got The Experience & Education!

Trained By Rainbird Irrigation - Nuterro Solutions Inc.

We Take Your Project Seriously! So Much So, We've Gone Abroad to Taken Training From The Masters of the Irrigation Industry!

Training & Experience In

Irrigation System Design - Planning is the most important step when installing an irrigation system. Each project is designed to suit your watering needs, head pressure is calculated so there are no pressure surprises.

Irrigation System Maintenance - Maintaining an irrigation system properly will keep your system running properly without the headache of a damaged system.

Irrigation System Installation - We're trained to install your system properly according to the techniques and experience of the industries leading installation experts!

Irrigation Estimate

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Drip Irrigation System Installation Winnipeg - Nuterro Solutions Inc.

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