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How Much Does Landscape Lighting Installation Cost in Winnipeg?

How Much Does Landscape Lighting Installation Cost in Winnipeg

Landscape lighting, is it worth the cost? What does landscape lighting cost anyways?

Great question! Landscape lighting should be installed in every yard! Not only does it look amazing, it sets the mood, it adds value to your yard, you can highlight features and it makes your yard a lot more safe!

We'll go over the costs associated with the installation of Landscape lighting so you'll know what to expect. Best of all, landscape lighting can always be upgraded at a later time. If you plan ahead, it can be as easy as a 5 minute process to add a new light.

The average home landscape lighting system with transformer and 10 LED lights costs between $2,500 and $3,500. This cost works out to average about $250 to $350 per LED light installed, depending on your system. A larger 20 - 30 landscape lighting system will be approximately $5,500 to $10,000. Some lights work out to be less and can start as low as $120 per light installed while other lights can be upwards of $500 per light or more. These prices are for a commercial grade system, not the cheap lights found at your local hardware store.

The Standard Components to a Landscape Lighting System and What Price Ranges Are

Most landscape lighting systems are very similar, as such, they can be upgraded or you can add features at a later date. The typical landscape lighting components are:


A transformer is a small box that powers and controls your lighting system. There are a wide variety of different transformers to choose from. Standard lighting models range from $250 - $600.


A photocell tells the transformer when to turn on the lights. Its typically set to turn on right as the sun goes down when the lights become useful. Standard transformers allow you to use the photocell to tell the lights when to turn off as well (with a timer). Often times, a photocell comes pre-installed in a transformer. If your model doesn't come with one, they typically cost $50 - $100 installed.


Wiring comes in a variety of different sizes. The thickness required is determined by the length required as well as the wattage required for your system. Failure to use the correct wire size will result in dim lighting or lights that wont turn on at all. Low voltage wire is a safe alternative to a standard home electrical system. Lets say you're digging and hit a low voltage wire, it won't harm you. Landscape lighting wire typically costs $3 - $6 per linear foot installed.


Connectors are used to connect the lights to the wire, they have some amazing quick connect options these days. Connector costs are incorporated into the lighting costs and typically add $3 - $7 per light.


With halogen and LED lighting options available, there is no shortage of options. There are many different styles and sizes. Whether you're looking to accent a yard feature or light up a pathway. Typical lights range from $150 - $500 per light.

Lighting Add-Ons