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How Much Does a Patio Cost in Winnipeg

Patio price in winnipeg
A 14'x14' Sierra Grey Roman Patio with a Holland Charcoal Border - Starting at $6,426

Patio's are a great way to add functional living space to any outdoor yard. They're the perfect solution for gatherings, relaxing and enjoying the outdoors. But what do they cost to have installed?

As one of our top selling yard features, we've got the process down to a science. Along with ICPI standards compliance, we've got the knowledge and experience to ensure your patio lasts the years to come, even in our climate. We'll go over the cost of patio's as well as some popular add-ons and maintenance. - Updated 2022

Patio prices in Winnipeg vary greatly, from $21/ft² to $50/ft². This cost may be higher with very small patios, patios with inlays, added base, border patterns, etc. We'll go over what costs to expect below.

The Cost of a Patio in Winnipeg, Manitoba

*Please note these prices are averages based on projects we've completed over the years and industry averages. Prices vary greatly depending on a variety of factors. Pricing may differ for things such as patio inlays, curves, base change requirements, site access and a variety of other elements. These prices are for flat patios without steps or walls.

10'x10' Patio

For a small seating area or fire pit - not very functional other than these purposes - Starting at 4.2k

12'x12' Patio

Great for a seating area, fire pit or small dining area with a portable BBQ on the end, typically only allows for one of them - Starting at $5.2k

14'x14' Patio

A great size for a dining area or fire pit with a bbq, or simply a lounging space - Starting at $6.4k

16x16 Patio

Perfect for dining and a small lounging area - Starting at $7.4k

20'x25' Patio

Now we're talking! Perfect for lounging and dining, giving you room to move around and do other tasks - Starting at $12.5k

30'x30' Patio

A great space, suitable for lounging and dining with a fire pit on one end - Starting at $19.8k

40'x45' Patio

The perfect spot for lounging, dining and a fire pit with other features such as an outdoor kitchen. This is the go-to space for premium outdoor living! - $39-80k

These prices include complete installation including proper base, edging and polymeric jointing sand included on all projects!

Other sizing and customization available.

This is a patio we completed with a fire pit and garden bed retaining wall

It included a circle inlay around the fire pit - Roman Pavers in Desert Buff colour

Add-Ons Include:

Fire Pits - $1.5-3k

Retaining Walls - Prices vary greatly, ask for pricing

Outdoor Fireplace with concrete pad base - $7-12k

Outdoor Lighting - Starting at $2.5k

Outdoor Kitchen - Starting at $16k

Outdoor Audio - Starting at $3k

And More!

As you can see, pricing varies from project to project.