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How Much Does a Deck Cost in Winnipeg

Decks are a great investment not only financially but they can be one of the most functional and used spaces in our homes. How much does a deck really cost?

With the state of our world, material prices are fluctuating constantly. We'll go over some general costs you can expect when building a deck for your home.

We should note, this is a general guideline as each project has its own unique circumstances. The following prices are averaged based on past decks and prices will vary. We try to update these prices each year but they do fluctuate throughout the year based on material and market pricing. - Updated 2023

The average deck in Winnipeg costs are as follows: Treated wood decks - $36 - $50 per ft² Cedar decks - $40 - $57 per ft² Composite decks - $66 - $77 per ft² PVC decks - $69 - $87 per ft². This includes the deck under 2ft tall with a 3' wide set of stairs. If the deck is over 2ft tall it will require a permit costing on average $499 - $599. If it's over 2ft it will also require a railing at an additional cost. If you'd like to add deck skirting this will also be extra.

These general prices include the deck with a 3ft wide set of stairs, helical screw pile foundation, geotextile and limestone underlayment and applicable warranties.

We'll go over more pricing throughout the rest of this article.

How Much Does a Deck Cost in Winnipeg, The Breakdown

We won't be going over all deck prices in this article as there are too may to list, instead we're going to try give you a general idea of what you can expect.

To reduce your costs, we've come up with some great packages that we've pre-designed and have everything planned from material orders to permit designs. Creating these pre designed decks allows us to install them at a better price point. The great thing about these decks is that we can customize them to suit your property by tweaking aspects of the deck.

Our project managers are set up to be able to provide you basic quick pricing for these decks. We also offer completely custom decks if you're looking for something unique that suits your specific circumstances. Our project managers can walk you through the process and help you with any questions you may have.

Our pre designed decks come in a variety of different styles. From basic square or rectangle decks, to multi-tier decks with pergolas and privacy screens. Each deck can be altered to suit your home size and shape.

A square deck in our "Simplicity Line" for example is offered in 10'x10', 12'x12', 14'x14', 16'x16' and 20'x20' sizes.

A 10'x10' treated wood deck is priced at $5,428 while a 20'x20' deck is priced at $14,212. The PVC option is priced at $10,755 for a 10'x10' and $26,617 for a 20'x20' PVC deck. This deck also comes in cedar and composite.

How Much Does a Deck Design Cost?

A basic deck design comes with each of our decks, this design will help you visualize the look of your deck before it's built so you can see what the finished result will be. This design also shows our crews the technical specifications so they can built it to code and built it properly, as designed.

A basic deck design is built into the price of the deck with our deck packages, for custom decks we also build them into your custom estimate. It typically adds $299 - $399 for a basic design. For something more advanced with landscaping, lighting, pergolas and more, it will be in the around 5% - 8% of the total project cost. Typically in the $999 - $1,599+ range.

How Much Does a Deck Permit Cost?

A basic deck permit on one of our pre-designed decks costs from $499 to $599. A deck permit on a custom deck will be in the $599 - $799 range, depending on the decks complexity. If a deck permit requires an engineers seal, this cost can go up quite significantly.

A deck permit is required on all decks that are over 2ft (24") from ground level at any point or a deck that will eventually support a structure with an enclosed roof, for example a cabana. A pergola doesn't have an enclosed roof so this structure is fine to add to any deck. We don't forgo deck permits under any circumstances if one is required. A permit is designed to keep everyone safe, ensure the deck is built to code and ensure you don't get a surprise fine down the road.

How Much Does a Deck Railing Cost?

A deck railing comes in a wide variety of options. Their costs can vary depending on length of railing, height of railing, railing style, stair length and add-on options. A standard deck railing for a deck with a walking surface from 2' - 5'11" is 36" tall. Decks with a walking surface over 6ft from grade require a 42" railing. A standard treated wood deck railing will cost about $50 - $58 per linear foot, whereas a glass rimless railing can cost $168+ per linear foot.

Railings also come in other options such as:

  • Cedar

  • Aluminum with pickets

  • Aluminum with glass - glass can be tinted

  • Rimless glass - comes in 10mm and 12mm options with optional tints and privacy fades.

Deck railings are not required on decks where the walking surface is under 2 feet from grade. (ground level)

How Much Does Deck Skirting Cost?

Deck skirting prices depend on the height of the deck and material options. Generally, a treated wood skirt will cost between $23 - $50 per linear foot, whereas a PVC deck skirt will cost $62 - $150+ per linear foot depending on deck height. Skirting also comes in cedar and composite.

How Much Does Deck Lighting Cost?

Deck lighting typically starts with a base price of $599, this includes the transformer with photocell, installation and wiring under the deck. If the wire needs to be trenched underground, it typically ranges from $3 - $5.5 per linear foot.

Deck stair lighting is typically $120 - $160 per light, whereas post lighting or wall lighting is in the $250 - $600 range per light.

Other Deck Add-on Costs

Other add-ons can include decking inlays, pergolas, privacy screens, benches, planters, upgraded stair sets and more. We'll go over some of these costs in another post.

For your personal estimate, give us a call today at 1-877-NUT-ERRO (688-3776) or visit our deck page and fill out the form (more great info on our deck page)


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