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Planning Your Deck Build

Things to Consider While Planning Your Deck Build

Planning a new deck build can be fun and exciting, yet it can also be a frustrating decision making process with lots of uncertainties and a lot of options. To make the process easier, we’re going to go over the things you should consider while planning your deck build.

Let’s Get Started!

What Will I Be Doing on My Deck?

This is a great place to start, what will you be using your deck for? Lounging? Barbequing? Dining? Entertaining? Keeping a small fire at night? A complete entertainment area? Asking yourself this question will help you answer the rest of the questions in this post.

Where Should it Go?

Planning where your deck will go and how far it will come out from the house, will help give you a better idea of what you want to do with it in the next steps.

Note: There are building codes to where a deck can and can't go and how large it can be, we can help with the process if you’re in the Winnipeg area.

What Size Should My Deck Be?

How much room do you need for a table with chairs? A BBQ, a seating area, oh and maybe a pergola, maybe a complete outdoor entertainment area? This is the next step in the planning stage. You’ll want enough room to do thing things that mean the most to you.

Let’s say all you need is a sitting area for a table and some chairs to eat outdoors. A 12'x12' deck may be enough. If you’re looking for a large entertainment area, you’ll need to go larger. Laying out some rope on the ground where the deck will be is a great way to plan your living space in real-time, you can add chairs or other furniture to the area to give you a preliminary experience of how the space can be used.

Laying out some rope on the ground where the deck will be is a great way to plan your living space in real-time, you can add chairs or other furniture to the area to give you a preliminary experience of how the space can be used.

What is My Budget?

It would be nice to make a huge deck with all the bells and whistles, but with a six figure price tag it may not be feasible. Picking a budget and sticking to it will help you ensure you’re completely satisfied with your new deck. In Canada, a small, simple treated wood deck will start around $5,000 - $8,000. A large deck with all the additions, inlays and curves can go into the multiple six figures range.

Should it Be a Multi Level / Tier Deck?

Multi-tiered decks look amazing and separate the living spaces. They can help reduce traffic to certain areas where you don’t want traffic or make for a comfy area. This is where you can start having fun with a design.

What Kind of Frame Do I Want?

There are 2 types of frames in Canada. The standard frame will be built out of treated wood for all decks. If you want to take your deck to the next level, you can consider a steel frame, these frames will last, however come with a hefty price tag.

What Kind of Decking Should We Use?

There are 3 main types of decking most companies offer. The first being wood (treated or cedar), second composite and third, PVC. Wood decks offer an affordable solution but come with added maintenance. For a maintenance free or low maintenance solution, composite and PVC are your best bet. To learn the difference between composite and PVC, click HERE.

Other decking options include:

  • Vinyl – Sheet flooring similar to linoleum flooring

  • Hardwood – More durable than treated wood

  • Deck Tiles – Essentially tiles that are placed on the frame

  • Aluminum - A durable option but not recommended everywhere

  • Stone Decking – For a deck that resembles a patio

What Kind of Railing Do I Want?

There are many railings options to choose from. They range in a variety of different styles, material types and colours. The main railing types are wood, vinyl and aluminum. You can choose to have different materials in the same railing or choose glass options.

Do I Want Any Additional Details in the Deck?

Additional details will customize your deck to suit your style and help achieve the look you’re going for.

- Decking Border – We can add a different material colour to the border strip around the deck. Giving your deck an accent that really pops.

- With Decking Inlays, we can add a design right into the decking. With a variety of designs to choose from; for example a compass or a Celtic design. We can add a custom design to any pvc or composite deck.

- Curves can add an amazing appeal to a deck and can help maximize space. With the composite and PVC options, you can add curves that will make any deck look like a work of art.

What Additional Features Do I Want?

This is a the stage where you can completely customize your deck to suit your lifestyle!

Choose from options such as:

  • Pergolas

  • Privacy Screens

  • Shade Screens

  • Benches

  • Planters

  • Deck Lighting

  • Outdoor Audio System

  • Outdoor Fireplace

  • Hot Tub Area with added access hatch

  • And more

What do I Want the Area Around My Deck to Look Like?

While planning your deck, you’ll also want to consider future plans for the landscaping surrounding the deck. Why? Because you can plan what you’re going to do next so you don’t regret a decision. Let’s say you build a deck and later realize you want a hot tub nearby. As an afterthought you may realize that the deck could have been built around it or right up to the hot tub.

Some things you may want to consider:

  • Landscaping

  • Garden Beds

  • Plants, trees, shrubs

  • Grass

  • Patio

  • Fountain scape or Water Feature

  • Fire Pit

  • Hot tub

Which Contractor Should We Use?

Now the real question, which deck builder do we go with? To help you make that decision, we’ve made an article on the “Questions you should ask a contractor before hiring them” Click Here to go to the article.

Planning a Deck can be a tedious process; this guide should help you know where to start, what you should be planning and what questions you’ll need to consider while in the planning phase.

How Else Can We Help?

If you’re looking for a deck builder in the Winnipeg area, we can help! We offer deck build solutions for Wood, Composite, Vinyl and PVC deck builds. We’re here to help with your questions and offer solutions. We offer complete deck solutions!

We’ve Made the Planning Process Easy For You!

This PDF will be a place to answer the questions asked in this article. Click the PDF Download Bar below to download the planner. Simply print it out and start planning!

Planning Your Deck Build - Planning Guide
Download PDF • 104KB


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