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How to Start Your Irrigation System in The Spring

How to Start Your Irrigation Sprinkler System in the Spring

A spring start up is a yearly maintenance process where you'll start up your system for the spring and summer season after the winter. This process involves turning on the irrigation system and water supply and a completing a system inspection to ensure everything is operating properly with no leaks or system damage. It will also ensure your heads are covering your yard properly.

A proper spring start up can save you money and save you from issues down the road. It's the best time to complete a system inspection to ensure everything is working as it should.

This article is simply a guide and may not suit your specific system and circumstances. If you live in the US, your system will differ slightly as your irrigation systems are often times tied into the city main line with added water meters, valves, etc. Please consult your local irrigation companies with any questions you may have specific to your area.

Here in Canada, our systems are more straight forward as they tie into our house garden hose valve / spigot. This allows us to skip the added meters and valves, saving you thousands of dollars and dealing with the city.

We offer start up services as well as complete irrigation system maintenance. If you're in the Winnipeg area, feel free to reach out! Our prices and contact form are found by clicking HERE.

Why You Should Consider Hiring an Expert Irrigation Technician for Your Spring Start Up

There are many benefits to having an expert crew starting up your system in the spring. Ensure you check with any warranty as well, failure to provide proof of professional maintenance may void your warranty depending on the company.

So why should you have a professional irrigation technician complete your start up?


A professional irrigation company will have the expertise to ensure your system is running properly, they'll be able to inspect the system while checking for signs of leaks and damage. They're trained to be able to look for signs as well as ensure everything is running smoothly so there are no surprises.

Thorough Inspection

Professional irrigation technicians are trained to complete a thorough inspection. This inspection will ensure your system is running properly with no leaks or hidden issues that may otherwise take a while to show.

If you aren't sure how to check for these signs and your system is damaged or leaking. It could lead to a surprise water bill, damage to the landscape or water leaking into your home causing damage, among other issues.

Things to Consider Before Starting Your System