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Preparing For a Consultation - What to Expect

Outdoor Services Consultations

Consultations are often a quick process of us coming to your home or business to assess you project and see what you're looking for. Consultations allow us to help guide you in the decision process and provide an estimate to complete your specific project.

In this guide, we'll go over what you can expect while we're on site for a consultation as well as what you'll want to plan before we show up. Consultations are the next step after the initial phone call.

Planning for a Consultation

Consultation Duration

You'll want to plan for the visit by setting aside 25 to 35 minutes for a small project with only one feature or 45 to 60+ minutes for a larger projects with multiple features.


Typically we start by going outside to the area you're planning your project installation. While outside we'll go over construction details and specifications. If you have a drawing or sketch of what you're looking for it will help us visualize your ideas. From here we'll review material options, finalize some details and dimensions.

Our Main Goals While We're on Site

Figure out Your Style

Everyone has a different style. Whether it's a rustic style or a modern look, we'll be looking for key specifics that will help us create a project suited to you.

Assess the Project

We'll be able to assess the project to determine if we're the right fit. Some companies are more specialized in certain areas and may be a better fit for your project.

Take Measurements

We'll take necessary measurements that will allow us to create your project to the appropriate specifications. Measurements are also used in the creation of any permits required.

Take Pictures

Pictures allow us to go back to your property while we're completing your estimate from our office, so we can recall specifics and provide you with an accurate estimate. Pictures also allow us to create accurate designs and direct crews while they work. They're also a great way to show what the area looked like before the work was completed.

Nuterro Solutions Specifics

Cost of Consultation

The average consultation takes a contractor approximately 4+ hours from start to finish. As such, often times contractors charge a consultation fee of $250 - $700. As of right now, we do not charge for consultations within Winnipeg up to an hour in length. Any consultation that requires added time over 1 hour will be subject to a consultation fee, we will disclose this amount before we proceed with the consultation. Areas outside of Winnipeg more than 20kms are subject to a consultation fee that will be disclosed before the consultation, typically starting at $200. We start our process with a phone call before a site visit consultation. We'll go over the details during the phone call.

Preparing for a Consultation


Pictures are the best way to help us visualize your ideas and styles, using sites such as houzz or Google images, will help us plan and create your project.

Research Styles and Features You Like

There are a lot of different styles out there. To go with the pictures you choose, you'll want to figure out your style as well. Houzz is the best site to determine your style. Each feature we install has a multitude of different layout possibilities; providing us with feature examples will help us design your project.

Basic Layout

Making a quick sketch can help us visualize what you're looking for and is a great way to show us your ideas. After all this is your property, you'll be looking at your yard every day and we want you to be happy with the finished product.

Plot Plan Document

If you have a plot plan, it will help us create your project by allowing us to use accurate dimensions while planning. If you have a picture or a document copy of your plot plan with your lot dimensions and exterior house dimension, it will help us greatly.

What Are Your Main Objectives