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Planning Your Paver Patio Installation

Things to Consider When Planning Your New Patio

Planning A Patio Winnipeg

A well planned patio can be an amazing addition to any home or business. The functionality of a properly planned patio is unmatched by any other outdoor feature. The planning process is an exciting and fun process, we're here to help you through this process and give you some idea of what questions you should be asking.

Asking these questions prior to having your patio built will ensure you have a patio with no after thoughts, wishing you would have changed something or made a different decision. It will also allow you to plan for future additions and save money down the road.

Let's get started!

1 - What Will I Be Doing on My Patio?

This first question you should ask yourself is what exactly will you be doing on your patio? Will you be lounging, relaxing? Eating? Barbequing? Using the space as an entertainment area? Using it for a place to sit next to your water feature? Knowing how you'll be utilizing the space will help you make the decisions coming up in this post.

2 - Where Should My Patio Go?

Next, we should be planning where it should go. If you're looking for shade, maybe closer to a tree. If you spend a lot of time in one area of the yard, maybe you should put it there. Or maybe next to the house is the best location. Taking time to think this through while considering some key yard locations to make your decision, will help ensure you're happy where it is, we can't move it once its in place.

3 - What Size Should My Patio Be?

Now that you know where it should go and what you'll be doing on the patio, you can plan it's size. A typical table with seating will take up at least a 12ft x 12ft area. You may want an area for a fire pit with chairs, which also requires a 12ft x 12ft area minimum. A patio around a hot tub may take up more, you can play around with the area its going by using a garden hose or rope to lay out the area on the ground. This will help you get a better idea of what it will look like.

4 - What Budget Can I Allocate?

Another important step, what can you afford? A simple 12x12 patio starts at around $4k in Canada (depending on your area), a larger patio can cost upwards of $30k or more. Once you add in other features, you may be over budget. This important step will help keep things realistic to your budget. Click HERE to get a better idea on what a patio costs.

Don't forget, you can almost always add on to a patio later.

5 - Curves or Straight Edges?

If you're going for a more modern look, a straight edge patio is a good place to start. If you're looking to utilize the space better or have a more natural flow, a curvy patio is what you're looking for. This essentially comes down to preference with some input from the rest of your yard design.

6 - Should There Be Multiple Levels?

Is you patio on a hill? We can create multiple levels with retaining walls to utilize the entire area. We don't necessarily need a hill either! Creating multiple areas also separates the spaces so you can control traffic flow and keep certain areas more private.

7 - Should I Add Built in Retaining Walls, Seating or a Fire Pit?

Retaining walls are a great way to add planters to your patio. They can also be used to keep people out of certain areas or direct traffic, or be used as seating. Fire pits are the most common add-on feature to a patio. These are great for night lounging, visiting or keeping warm on a cool night.

8 - How Will the Patio Furniture Be Laid Out?

Keep your furnishings in mind when planning your patio. Do you have a 3 seater chair you want on the patio? It may require a specific space. Same with tables. If you want a BBQ on the patio, you'll need a space that's away from structures and away from the traffic area. If you want a hot tub, you'll need enough room to place the hot tub with access.

Furnishings to consider:

  • Seating

  • Tables

  • Chairs

  • BBQ

  • Planters

  • Hot Tub

  • And more

Patio Layout

9 - What Brand and Style of Pavers Should We Use?

There are many brands of pavers around the world. For a more economical solutions, search for local brands or pavers that are easily ordered nearby.

We typically offer 2 selections of paver brands, each brand has a multitude of paver options.

1 - Techo Bloc - These pavers are a high end paver, typically with a more modern look. We highly recommend them and they always make for a great looking patio! Click HERE for more information on Techo Bloc.

2 - Barkman Pavers - These pavers are a staple here in Manitoba. Their manufacturing plant is located in Manitoba so the price is right and they look great! Click HERE for more information on Barman

10 - Do We Want Any Additional Details in The Patio?

Built in details are a great way to add character to your patio and make it a work of art.

Additional details can include:

Perimeter Course and Trim - We can add a trim to the outer perimeter of a patio or throughout the patio. This trim will add an amazing look to any patio and make it stand out. We can create single or double borders and do some neat things with them to accent other features.

Inlays - Inlays can be added to accent the patio. Inlays include details such as a compass, a symbol or a nice accent trim built right into the patio.

11 - What Additions Should We Consider?

Additions add functionality to a patio. These are the things you'll be using your patio for. What additions are you looking to add to the patio?

Additions may include:

  • Fire Pit

  • Outdoor Kitchen

  • Retaining Walls

  • Steps

  • Built in Seating

  • Lighting

  • Pergola

  • Privacy Screens

  • Water Features

  • Gazebo / Pavilion / Roof Structure

  • And more

12 - What Should The Area Around the Patio Look Like?

This may not seem important yet but its a crucial step. What do you want the area around the patio to look like? This is a great time to think about future add-ons as well.

Patio Décor

Things to consider:

  • Landscaping

  • Garden Beds

  • Trees, Plants, Shrubs

  • Grass

  • Rock / Mulch

13 - Should We Seal the Patio?

Patio sealant is a great way to extend the life of your patio. It helps protect the patio from stains and chemicals. It also helps get the water off the patio quicker. There are different finishes to choose from. (semi-gloss, gloss, etc.) Some prefer not to seal their patio for a more rustic, natural look.

*We typically don't seal patios right away. We recommend waiting until the second season (min. 6 months) until you seal the patio, this way any initial shifting will take place and polymeric sand touch ups can be completed prior to the sealant application.

14 - Which Contractor Should We Use?

Now the final question, which contractor should you use? Make sure to check out local reviews and ask questions to ensure they're the right fit for you!

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