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Why You Should Add Deck Skirting to Your Deck

Deck skirting is typically an optional add-on feature that's brought to your attention while the deck is being built. Adding a deck skirt has some great benefits. No only does it add character to your deck, it's a great space to use that otherwise may be wasted space.

While it's not necessary to add a deck skirt, there are some great advantages. The main purpose of deck skirting is to enclose the area under the deck. Here are some great reasons why you should consider adding skirting around your deck.


Kids and animals love to play, often times they choose to play where they shouldn't be. Kids often go under decks to play in the rocks or put their toys on the beams and in the crevices. Not only can they cause damage but they can bump their heads on the joists, cut themselves on a screw or nail that may be sticking out or trip and fall into the rock below. By adding a deck skirt, you'll be able to keep your kids and animals out in the yard where you can see them.

Functionality / Storage

If your deck is higher than 3ft. The space under a deck is a great area to store things so you're not tripping on them; whether it's spare lawn chairs, toys, etc. Leaving things under a deck with no skirting can make the space look cluttered and unorganized, taking away from the appearance of your deck. By adding skirting, you'll have the perfect space to put items that aren't commonly used. By adding a hatch door, you'll have quick, safe access under the deck that can be locked so your items are safe and the kids and animals stay out.


Deck skirting adds a unique look to your deck that is not the same as a deck without one. When looking under a standard deck, all you see are posts, a beam, the rock and foundation, which isn't really appealing. With the skirting, it gives your deck a customized, clean look that can't be beat. It also adds character to your deck.

Rodents / Animals

Animals and rodents such as rabbits, skunks and racoons enjoy crawling under decks to seek shelter. These animals and rodents can cause damage to your deck while they burrow in for the winter or make a mess of the base while digging around. We've also seen animals store their food under decks which makes for a big mess to clean up down the road. You can avoid the headache with a deck skirt.

Cost / Benefit

The cost of deck skirting isn't a large investment for the space you can now utilize. Building a shed the same size can cost thousands of dollars by the time you create a pad for it to sit on and build it or have someone install it. You can save money by utilizing space you already have.


Deck skirts can be completely customized to suit your style. Boards can go vertical or horizontal. You can get creative with a stone siding look or go with a standard wood fence look.

Some options include:

  • Treated Wood

  • Cedar

  • Composite

  • PVC

  • Trellis

  • Stone

  • And many more.

While planning your deck you'll want to weigh these benefits and consider if skirting is something you should add to your deck. We love the look and how it can turn an unused, out of sight space into something functional.


If you have any questions or if you live in the Winnipeg area and are looking for a deck or skirt, feel free to reach out by clicking the button below.

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