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10 Landscaping Features to Complete Your Back Yard and Make It More Functional

In this crazy world where we’re busy running around all the time, we need to find a place to relax, unwind and let the stress of the week fade away. Our homes are a place where we typically go and sit in front of our phone or the tv. This isn’t relaxing it’s basically a drug to numb your mind. There’s a better way to relax while having a great time. Your yard expresses who you are, it’s an important place to go while at home to visit, have people over or simply enjoy some time by yourself. Here are the features you’ll want to consider to make your yard space more functional while making it your own and adding value to your property.

1 – Garden Beds

Garden beds are a great way to spice up your yard, fill in dead and empty areas or add the look you’re going for in your yard. Whether it’s a functional food garden, a flower garden or a rock garden, there are so many looks and features you can add to them. They can be as little or as much work as you want to put into them or turn it into a relaxing hobby. There’s something about working in the garden that is peaceful, except weeding, no one is into that sort of thing, but there are ways around that.

2 – Water Features

Water features are our favorite! They look and sound amazing and if done properly, they won’t be much work. Whether it’s a pond, pondless waterfall or fountain, it will add an amazing aesthetic and atmosphere to your yard. Ponds are great for adding fish and plant life while pondless waterfalls are good for even less maintenance and those who have small children and may be worried about kids with water. Fountains are a great way to add life to a small area, front yard or accent the pond!

3 – Patio or Deck

Patios and decks are a great way to bring people over and relax. They’re perfect for dinner parties and they keep you off the grass. They can be completely customized to your liking by adding something like a barbeque, a table and chairs, an outdoor couch or a cooler for your drinks. They’re probably the most functional item on this list.

4 – Fire Pit or Fireplace

Fire pits or fireplaces are great for having people over for a few drinks, snacks and listening to music. They’re also great for cooking some food or a pizza. It’s a great way to bring people together and just talk while relaxing, there’s something about the look and smell of fire that is relaxing, just don’t let Jerry near it with the can of fuel after a few drinks!

5 – Pergola or Gazebo

These are more of a luxury but they add an amazing look to any space. You can relax under the rain while in a gazebo or string lights across the pergola for an amazing time. You’ll also catch some shade on those hot sunny days.

6 – Outdoor Kitchen

We all like being where the people are, when everyone is outside while you're hosting the party and cooking inside, we sometimes feel left out or constrained to the house. You can fix that by adding an outdoor kitchen, a simple barbecue or cooking top with a mini fridge and counter space is more than you need to cook all the food you can eat. This way the cook gets to enjoy the night as much as the rest.

7 – Putting Green or Sport Court

A great way to add functionality to your yard is by adding a place to have some fun and get some exercise. You can waste a lot of strokes while putting so why not practice in your own back yard, maybe you’ll crush the rest of the guys in that next golf game or add a sport court to add a great space for some basketball or tennis. Get the kids outdoors by making it an exciting place.

8 – Walkways

Walkways are a simple yet important part to any yard; they look great and keep you off the grass instead of making a trail through it. Add some functionality to your yard with a walkway.

9 – Pool

Pools are on the pricier side but they’re a great way to host parties, especially on hot days. People will be begging to visit during the heat wave we get each summer. They’re also a great way for the kids to learn to swim and have pool parties or birthdays with their friends.

10 – Kids Play Structure

Every kid should have a play structure in their lives. Adding one will be sure to bring them outdoors to swing, go down the slide or play the floor is lava. You can bring out your inner child by joining them or maybe adding a horse shoe pit nearby.

If you’ve been struggling with your back yard or find that you don’t use it as much as you should, we hope you found this helpful and hopefully it gets some of your creativity and ideas going. Yards are an important part of every home, a great way to add value to your property and lives and a great way to relax after those hard days of work.


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