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Enjoy The Beauty of Nature in Your Own Yard!

Bring nature home, there's no need for a lake house when you can enjoy the beauty of a personalized oasis in your own yard. 

Natural Swimming Pools (also know as a Recreation pond) are one of the most rewarding yard features, they bring nature right to your back step. Sit back and enjoy the relaxing look and sound of the running water, the birds playing, possibly deer drinking and fish right in your yard. Take a dip in your pond to cool off or get some exercise. Add pond plants and gardens for a natural wonder.


These systems are self sustaining and require little maintenance. 

A true oasis, brought to your back door. 

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Q & A

What Is A Natural Swimming Pool?

A natural swimming pool is essentially a large pond with enhanced filtration and upgraded systems. Taking the natural approach, we add beneficial bacteria's to keep the system healthy and clean. Unlike the typical Canadian swimming pool, we can add elements to turn it into a natural looking ecosystem. We add waterfalls to add oxygen and keep the water moving! We can scale them as big as you want!

How Deep Are Natural Swimming Pools?

We typically make them at least 4 feet deep, an average recreation pond is 6-8ft deep and we can make them a lot deeper, we add additional filtration and powerheads at the bottom to keep the water moving, clean and clear of stagnant debris.

Can I Really Swim in It?

YES! That's the main purpose of a recreation pond. It's essentially like swimming in a lake except we can control the water quality using aeration, filtration and dosing the system to keep it healthy. 

Is the Pond Heated?

We don't recommend it. A traditional pool requires a lot of chlorine to kill anything living inside the water. The chlorine makes it so algae and sludge can't grow. Heating the pond above 90 degrees at any time can lead to water quality issues including unsightly algae.

What Kind of Chemicals are Used?

NONE! That's one of the appealing features. Instead, we use a combination of aeration, filtration, water movement and dosing it with beneficial bacteria's. The products we use are 100% natural, meaning animals and fish can drink the water and not be harmed. The beneficial bacteria products we use are essentially pro-biotics for the pond.

What Kind of Maintenance is Required?

Like all pools of water, there is some maintenance required, often times, recreation ponds are a lot less maintenance when compared to traditional pools. A typical maintenance routine takes place a few times a year. Often times its as simple as opening the pump hatch and pumping any debris at the bottom out 1-2 times per year and skimming the water surface when leaves fall. The wetland helps collect the leaves and debris for you. Adding automatic dosing systems can help keep this maintenance down. Some years you may want to drain the water for a pressure wash. If you don't want to take care of this maintenance, we offer maintenance services!

Do You Offer Maintenance, Repair and Add-on Services?

Yes! We offer complete maintenance services for ponds, whether that's a one time service or completing a yearly maintenance service. If any issues arise we offer repair services as well.

   Maintenance, Repair and Add-on Services Include:

  • Spring start up services

  • Fall shut down services

  • Monthly maintenance schedules

  • Clean out services

  • Dosing and testing services

  • Repair services 

  • Add-ons such as patios, additional waterfalls, fountains, pumps, landscaping and more!

Is There a Warranty?

Yes! All our natural pool systems come with a warranty, for more information, visit our warranty page found HERE

The Composition of a Recreation Pond

The main 3 components of a recreation pond are:

Water Falls / Filter

The falls are connected to the wetland filter, the water is pumped to a secondary filtration system and then down the waterfall, we can create intricate waterfalls that are sure to turn heads. The falls consist of boulders and rocks to cover the area. This portion truly is an art!

Main Swimming Pond Area

The main body of water can be at a depth of 4+ feet. Ideally 6-8 ft and can be created deeper. The body portion consists of liner with boulder and rock placement to create a pool for you to swim in. This body of water collects into a filtration system which helps keep the pool clean.

Wetland Filter

Another term for wetland filter is a "Bog Filter" this is a natural filtration system that utilizes bacteria's and aquatic plants to clean and filter the water. 

Various other components are used to complete a proper functioning system.

No Liner Showing!! We use boulders and rocks to cover all liner so you don't have to look at unsightly liner.

From here we can use plants, shrubs and trees to cover the landscape. We always recommend mulch as it ties the landscape nicely with the pond. Plants help give the oasis look, ground cover plants tie the landscaping and the boulders together.

The Wetland Filter Composition

As seen in the image below, there are 7 key components to a wetland filter

Liner - Used to contain the water so soil doesn't mix in and water stays in

Snorkel / Vault - Used to stick a pump in to pump out debris during maintenance

Pipe - Water flows through the pipe into the centipede

Centipede Module - Used to disperse the water slowly through the filtration system

Aquablox - Used to hold water and bacteria, these blocks separate the rocks which allow the aquablox to hold more water than if the space contained rocks. Essentially a water holding area.

Boulders and Rock - Used to house the beneficial bacteria's, these act as a filter to keep the system clean and free of debris. Also for aesthetic purposes.

Plants - The final component to a proper wetland filter. Aquatic plants are used to remove excess nutrients and debris. Plants are an essential component to a wetland filter.

These filters start at around 50ft². The larger the body of water in the pool area, the larger the wetland filter required.

Wetland Filter Diagram.jpeg
Water Lilies.jpg

Can I Add a Waterfall? 

Yes, we actually need to. The waterfall is a key component to creating a natural ecosystem. The waterfall accomplishes a few things:

  • Agitates and moves water to keep the debris from settling

  • Aerates the water adding oxygen

  • Creates water flow so the bacteria system can thrive

  • Pushes any debris into the wetland filter

  • And of course, it completes the look and sound which is the most appealing part

The waterfall can be upgraded, once it reaches a certain size we would need to upgrade the pool area as well so if you turn off the pump, the water doesn't flood the area.

What Does a Natural Swimming Pool Cost?

The typical basic system starts around $80,000 (approx. 16'x20'x5' deep main pond footprint) This will get you a fully functioning system including the liner, wetland filter with pump, the boulders and rock, small waterfall, etc. From there we can landscape the area and add add-ons or we can scale the swimming pond to any size you can dream. Some of these systems cover a few acres! 

Possible Pond Add-Ons / Upgrades

We can essentially add anything you can dream up

In-Water LED Lighting - colour changing options available

Multiple / Upgraded Waterfalls


Infinity Edges

Retaining Walls Inside the Pond

Fish Caves

Aquatic Plant Packages

Beach / Waddling / Sitting Areas

Diving Rocks

WiFi Enabled Products!

And More!

Landscape Add-ons Include

Patios, Walkways


Plants, Shrubs and Trees

Mulch Packages

Landscape Lighting

Pool Sheds

Outdoor Kitchens

And More!

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Swim With the Fish... Literally!

You can add fish to your recreation pond! Enjoy your pond by not only swimming but turn your swimming pond into a hobby with aquatic pets. Enjoy feeding your fish, watching them grow and swimming around with them. We recommend Koi or Shubunkins! We often carry them in stock.

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