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New Employee's

Introduction Video: Welcome To Nuterro Solutions Inc.

Take Me Back to the Crew Portal

Hello and welcome to Nuterro Solutions Inc! 

Great, you've just completed orientation, now let's move on to the information and training portion of the process. Here you'll find training, files and information to help make your transition to our company easier. Once you're finished on this page, please take a few minutes to look around and make yourself familiar with the Crew Portal as well.

Lets Get To It:

Step 1: Watch the Introduction Video Above

Step 2: Install Apps

To start things off, you'll need to install 2 apps

1. When I work

This is a scheduling app where you'll punch in and out each day

2. 4 O'clock 4

This app is for chat, daily planning and organization

Step 3: Save Our Information

If you haven't already, save the company information somewhere in your phone. You'll also want to ensure you take a picture of the emergency contact list

Important Contact Info:

Company Name: Nuterro Solutions Inc.

CEO/Owner: Riley Scott

COO/Owner: Ed Scott

Contact: Riley Scott 204-792-9430

Company Email:


Step 4: Employee Handbook

We've already gone over this booklet, if you ever need to refer back to the employee handbook, you'll find a download below:

Step 5: Conduct & Important Info

Although we've already gone over this in orientation, we need to reiterate conduct for work.

Customer Etiquette

Dress Code 

Muster Point

First Aid Kit & Fire Extinguishers

You'll find more information about these topics in our crew training section

Step 6: Proceed to Crew Training


Again, welcome to Nuterro Solutions Inc. we're glad you're here, if you have any questions, please let us know!

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